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Lather, Rinse, Repeat: a guide to unrequited love.

Title: Lather, Rinse, Repeat: A guide to unrequited love.
Fandom: Unspecific. Could be original, could also work for a few fandoms.
Ship: Again, unspecific. Though if you're reading this as Doctor Who, it's Martha/Ten
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: K+
Word Count: 403
Beta: My mother (no, seriously)
Notes/disclaimer: This  was originally a fanfiction drabble, but then I completely redid it as a slightly longer ficlet, with no specific references to  fandom, hence why I call it fandom unspecific. However, it is possible that what its based on is still there. Lets just say that this was originally going to be Doctor Who, and so anything of that that remains (which might be quite a lot) still belongs to the BBC.

Sit close enough to him that you can see him perfectly, but not right next to him. It's not because he'll notice, but because he should notice, and it hurts more that he doesn't when you're only inches away. Look at him for an extra second, but try not to sigh when he runs his fingers through that amazing hair. Count the faint freckles on his cheek even though you already know exactly how many there are. He hasn't gotten any more since you last counted them ten minutes ago. You've both been sitting inside, so he hasn't gotten any sun. It's a shame, since he glows whenever the light touches his skin and hair.

He'll notice you when he's done with what he's been working on, and call you to come sit close, and you'll feel your heart skip a beat. Wonder if he's finally figured it out. Know that he hasn't. For someone as brilliant as he is, he can be incredibly daft. When you shuffle closer to him so that there are only a few layers of clothing between you, try as hard as you can not to imagine that he isn't wearing any. How much you like what he's wearing almost works, but not quite.

Listen to him as he tells you all about the new thing that he's just figured out, and how it's the most important thing in the universe. Wonder how it's possible for someone to be quite as incredible as he is. Look into those deep brown eyes and be amazed at how much emotion is in them. Notice the glimmer of sadness you've seen in them since you've met him. Hate his ex-girlfriend for breaking his heart because he's too beautiful to be broken. Hate his ex-girlfriend for still being the only one he loves, so he can't possible love you.

Watch him as he gets up, telling you he'll see you later. When you go to bed, set up your pillows so you're snuggling against them. Pretend that they're him. Fall asleep and dream about him telling you he loves you, and about living happily ever after. Wake up and know that he doesn't, so you won't. Start another day of being with him, but not being with him, and just try be happy he's in your life at all. Know that it isn't nearly enough.

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat through another day.


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